Ephrata Water Main Repair and Paving

Project Details

We received a call from Ephrata Boro on Wednesday Oct 21, 2020 about an issue at the intersection of North State Street and Main in Ephrata. CMS met with Boro personnel and discovered a large portion of the road way had been lifted and a hole approximately 5’x10’x6’ existed over an existing fire hydrant water line. It was determined the 6” water line had broken resulting in the loss of 85,000 gallons of water. In addition, a 6” UGI high pressure gas line was exposed and “hanging” in mid air.  CMS contacted UGI and discussed a plan of action and they agreed to have a crew on site the next day.

On Thursday Oct 22. CMS mobilized personnel and equipment. We placed 10 cubic yards of Flow Fill in the hole up to the UGI  pipe to provide support. UGI then removed asphalt and stone  material above their line to prevent the potential of it falling on and damaging their pipe. UGI then placed screenings over their pipe to protect it.

On Friday Oct. 23, Ephrata Boro employees removed the damaged hydrant that was being abandoned and exposed other pipes in the area to check for damage. Once all was confirmed, CMS was given the go ahead to begin backfill and compaction of the affected area.

Between Oct 26 & 27 CMS crew removed approximately 200 square yards of damaged asphalt, backfilled the remaining utility trenches and open hole areas , returning to paving grade.

On Oct. 28, because of forecasted heavy rain, the CMS paving crew started very early in the morning at 5AM to place Base and Wearing course pavement over the affected area. Lincoln Pavement Markings applied thermo-plastic turn arrows, stop bars and line striping to complete the restoration. CMS demobilized and notified the Boro the road was ready to re-open.

Boro personnel were very pleased with the work CMS performed and plan to call us in the future if a similar emergency occurs.

Completion Date

October 28. 2020