Swamp Creek Bridge

Project Details

The Swamp Creek Bridge project was done by CMS in 2019.

This was a complete demolition and removal of the bridge and roadway leading to the bridge in order to alleviate flooding.  For this project a 300 ton crane and a 330 excavator with breaker were used.  All of the demolition was hauled to a recycling facility.

This project involved the removal of the Swamp Creek Bridge (built in 1970 with an approximate span length of 65 feet and a cartway width of 36 feet) in Berks County which carried Schlegel Road over Swamp Creek in Colebrookdale Township.

In addition to the bridge removal, the existing culvert on Schlegel Road and the existing roadway was removed, stabilized and seeded. There was installation of curb and full depth pavement restoration and bollards. Extensive erosion and sediment pollution control measures were taken and re-grading, seeding, mulching and planting were done in order to restore disturbed areas including the stream.

Tools & Equipment

  • 300 Ton Crane
  • 330 Excavator with Breaker

Completion Date